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Islamic Center Near Ground Zero

There has been a lot of talk about the Islamic Center (sort of like an Islamic version of a Jewish Community Center, if you take a serious look at what is proposed) "at Ground Zero", aka the World Trade Center site.

I thought I should share the photo I took yesterday after the demonstration by rabbis and other Jews in favor of the Center.

The location of the Center is where there is a group of people gathered on the sidewalk on the right side of the street.  The WTC site is two blocks to the left.  Note the block long building on the left side of the street, taller than the proposed 11 story center.  There is no way that this center would be visible by anyone at the WTC site, nor is it on a street that anyone would normally walk down on ones way to the WTC site.

Here is another photo

On the left is Rabbi Ellen Lippmann.  On the right is Daisy Kahn, co-director of the Center and wife of the Imam.   Note that not only does she not where a chador, she doesn't even cover her hair.  These people are the kind of Muslim leaders who are creating a culturally American Islam, mutually tolerant with other traditions.  They should be encouraged and welcomed.
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