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Trip to California – 2011 (Part 2)

Post Kallah

We had picked up a rental car on Friday.  After I turned in the van, we drove back to Culver City and checked into our hotel for two nights. We then met our old friend Susan Lindau at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, a place that was a favorite romantic rendezvous for P and me when we lived in LA 30+ years ago.  Still a lovely place, though they warned us there would be a wedding there and, after a while, they were playing music which was not conducive to the usual quiet mood of the place.

Monday, July 4, we visited the Mastodons at the Tar Pits , then spent several hours at the LA County Museum of Art.  Alizette was particularly interested in seeing the Tim Burton exhibit (which had previously been at MOMA in NYC) and then we checked out some other art.  Then we had an early dinner at the Fish Grill on Beverly, one of a chain of four kosher fish places.  Good fish at a good price.  Paula says we need one in Brooklyn.  We went back to the hotel, then out to find a vantage point to see fireworks in Culver City, a nice display.  I figured out where there was a neighborhood park with a good view, yet kept us from getting caught in a huge traffic jam afterwards.

Tuesday, our last day in LA, we connected with a few more old friends,  Miriam (with lunch at a Persian grill restaurant) and Shahnaz (with a visit to the Pacific Ocean at Venice Beach.


That is the California part of the trip.  A and I took Amtrak east with stops at the Grand Canyon and Chicago.  I plan to post a second blog about that soon.  (less than the month it took to get this one up)

(I've posted photos before, but now Livejournal says the post is too large if I include photos.)

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